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There are numerous articles on the internet that tell you what to do when you are involved in an accident. However, there are very few that focus on the things that you should not do. When you are faced with personal injury and an automobile collision, every move you make can make or break your case. The first 24 hours after your accident are the most critical. Here are five things you need to make sure you never do after you have been involved in an accident.

  1. Leave The Scene
    Even if you just had a fender bender, you should never leave the scene of an accident. You have an obligation to make sure the other party is okay, exchange information, and call the authorities. The police can make the decision whether they can respond or not. Some areas will not respond to an accident unless there is an injury. Follow the guidelines for your local area to ensure that you do not get charged with criminal fleeing.
  2. Admit Fault
    You may be tempted to admit fault if you think you are guilty. However, you need to leave the finger pointing to the authorities. Even if you do have a hand in the accident, some states will allow you to receive partial compensation. It is best to say nothing and leave everything to the experts.
  3. Give A Statement To The Insurance Company
    Your insurance company, as well as the one representing the other party, will want to try to get a statement from you regarding the accident. No statements should be made except with the explicit permission of aSan Diego car accident attorney. An injury attorney can guide you and ensure that you do not say anything that can be detrimental to your case down the road. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you. So, you want to make sure that you do not give them any ammunition.
  4. Avoid Getting Witness Statements
    You may be concerned about your injuries and all the other things going on after an accident. However, one thing an injury attorney will tell you is that you need witness statements. Make sure these statements have names, addresses, phone numbers, and a detailed description of what they observed. These statements can help you to win the case.
  5. Avoid Medical Care
    Medical care is the backbone of your case. An injury is nothing without the details from a physician to back up your claim. If you are really hurt, you need to get checked out right away. Many times, people avoid medical care at the scene and do not see a doctor for weeks. An insurance company can fight that if you were really sick you would have gotten help right away. Many injuries do not present until a few days or even a week after the wreck. As long as there is a record that you sought for help, then it shows you were hurt.

It is also important to follow the doctors’ orders. If they tell you that you cannot work and then you try to do things anyway, it can ruin your case. You need to be compliant to back up your claims.

Getting The Help You Need

Being in an accident is a terrible thing. You will be in shock, have anxiety, and feel your mind going 100 different directions. It really benefits you and your case to have an accident attorney helping you out. They can file your claim and take on the arduous task of dealing with the insurance company. You want the outcome to be successful, which is why you need the best team working on your behalf.