Percussion Therapy 101: It is More Than Just a Massage

Many people like spending many hours in the gym, pushing themselves to their physical limits and learning what their bodies are physically capable of achieving. But what happens after a really strenuous workout? Their muscles are left with discomfort and are in desperate need of care and consideration.

Because recuperation is an essential component of a well-rounded training regimen, great care and attention must be paid to increasing blood circulation and tenderizing the muscles following a strenuous physical endeavor. Fortunately, we have percussion therapy, which is the most recent innovation in the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

What is Percussion Treatment and How Does it Work?

When applied deep into the body’s tissues, percussion treatment accelerates and enhances the repair of muscle fiber by delivering quick bursts of pressure in concentrated, short-duration pulses, percussion therapy speeds and enhances the repair of muscle fiber. In turn, this increases the flow of blood to various vital regions, resulting in pain alleviation and, as a result, improved function and range of motion.

It also gives a mild stretch, which helps to improve flexibility, performance, and physical responsiveness in the long run. In addition to relaxing thickened connective tissue, percussion treatment aids in the breakdown of adhesions and internal scar tissue, improves circulation in the veins and lymphatic system, promotes flexibility through mild stretching, and increases range of motion.

The Difference Between Percussion Treatment and Regular Massage

The way percussion treatment differs from regular massage is that it works by progressively shocking the muscle fiber until the target region is penetrated, therefore desensitizing the area around a painful muscle. We are able to target specific muscle soreness with the aid of a percussion treatment device in this manner without experiencing much of the pain that is associated with it.

When doing traditional massage, human hands may not be able to enter certain difficult-to-reach regions, resulting in the problem not being addressed at its source. Furthermore, it can be excruciatingly unpleasant at times to endure. With percussion treatment, you don’t feel any discomfort; instead, you feel relief.

The Advantages of Percussion Treatment

Because percussion treatment is used to vigorously train and treat deep-tissue muscles, it has the added benefit of increasing blood circulation and oxygen distribution to different regions of your body, particularly the local topical region. As a result, post-workout muscular soreness and cramps are reduced, and the body’s capacity to repair and recuperate is accelerated.

The good news is that not only is percussion therapy an excellent post-workout treatment, but it is also utilized by professional athletes as a pre-competition warm-up. Recent research has revealed that percussion treatment can cure muscle fibers up to 30 times more effectively than traditional massage. As a result, percussion treatment can assist in restoring equilibrium to a specific muscle group while also toning the muscles in that region, as well as alleviating tension in the muscles and decreasing physical stress on the bones and joints.

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