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Catastrophic Injuries

The right catastrophic injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

While there’s no such thing as a “good” injury, some injuries are worse than others. The worst of the worst are known as catastrophic injuries. These are the injuries that will change a person’s life forever. If you or a loved one has suffered this type of injury as a result of someone else acting negligently, you should contact a personal injury attorney to learn about your options.

Meet catastrophe with compassion.

Your attorney can help you first by determining if you have a case. Even if someone’s negligence was the cause of the accident that caused your catastrophic injury, you must be able to prove it to a judge and/or jury. If you don’t have the evidence and your case is not worth pursuing, your attorney can help you save the time and headache of pursuing something that is not likely to work out in your favor.

Once I have determined that you have grounds for a case, I will gather evidence, look at the evidence the defense will use to disprove the case, talk to experts who can testify on your behalf, speak to witnesses, ensure all injuries and doctor’s appointments are documented, and ensure that all paperwork is filed correctly and on time.

Catastrophic injuries: What qualifies?

One of the first questions I am often asked is what qualifies as a catastrophic injury. There are numerous types of injuries that fall into this category including:

  • Death. In this case, I can file a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • Spinal cord injury. Long-term consequences from this injury include loss of feeling, severe pain, paralysis and others.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many people are surprised to learn that TBIs are the leading cause of death in people 45 years or younger.
  • Dismemberment. This refers to a loss of function or use of a body part (including eyesight, speech or hearing) or losing a body part (such as an eye, finger or limb). Dismemberment cases can come from workplace accidents or car accidents.
  • Paralysis. Spinal cord injuries are not the only cause of paralysis. Other causes include medical malpractice and nerve injuries.
  • Burns. Burn injuries can be the most expensive and most painful of all catastrophic injuries. They can occur as the result of a car accident, exposure to chemicals, electrocution and other reasons.
  • Organ damage. Depending on the organ and level of injury, damage to an organ can be catastrophic.
  • Bone fractures and breaks. A broken bone or fracture that leads to life-altering issues – such as a leg fractured in 20 places that requires numerous surgeries – can qualify as a catastrophic injury

These are just a few examples of catastrophic injuries. If you have an injury listed, or another serious, life-changing injury, and someone else was at fault for your injury, contact Greg Jackson Law at (817) 926-1003 now.