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“Greg tells it like it is. He will be straight up with you and not sugar coat anything like many others do. I am very satsified that he was on my side during my suit!”


“I recommend Greg Jackson to anyone who is looking for one of the best attorney’s in Texas. And did I mention that Greg has been named Texas Super Attorney for the past several years. Getting the right attorney on your side can be the difference between winning and losing. Greg makes you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire legal process and most of all his communication skills are excellent. He helped me immensely to resolve a legal dispute I had with a billion dollar defense company. I am grateful for the assistance & hard work that Greg provided settling my case. Thank You Greg for being a true, sincere, friendly, & hard nosed attorney! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney who will fight for his clients.”


“No one really wants be in a position of having to engage the services of an attorney but sometimes unavoidable things happen in life. As a plaintiff in a very complicated and notable case, my attorney Greg Jackson (along with co-counsel Jim Zadeh) represented me with the greatest amount of care and excellence anyone could ask for, always looking out for my best interests. I feel that they took the time to get to know me and expertly addressed all of my concerns throughout the process. If you ever find yourself having to hire an attorney, do yourself a favor and talk to them first. Highly recommended.”


“Greg provided excellent service by demonstrating leadership, dedication and knowledge of the legal process. Greg provided emotional support by showing patience and understanding of an event that caused me a lot of stress.”


“Greg represented me in a case versus a well known defense contractor. He was always quick to respond to any calls or emails, as well as very helpful and full of knowledge in regards to my case. This is the only case I’ve had and Greg made it a very smooth, understanding process from beginning till end. I would absolutely use Greg again in the future if I were to need legal assistance!
Great service!!!”


“Greg was very personable and sincere. He took the time to listen and look over my case even though it was not a case he would normally handle. I was able to settle outside of court, thanks to his help.”