Automobile Accidents

Personal injury is such a broad category that sometimes people do not realize what all may fall within that big umbrella of cases. For the most part it would involve things like car accidents and trucking accidents. There can also be other types of motor vehicle collisions such as a pedestrian accident, a bicycling accident, and even an injury that involves motorized equipment like a lawn mower, bulldozer or anything motorized that could cause a personal injury.

Medical Malpractice

The Law Office of Greg Jackson, PLLC, also handle medical malpractice cases, which is a very specific type of injury case that involves an injury in the healthcare setting.  These cases address errors committed not just by a doctor, nurse or a hospital, but also could involve a dentist or even other medical facilities like an imaging center, a dialysis clinic or a laser hair removal facility. Medical malpractice involves any type of injury during the provision of healthcare.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Attorney Greg Jackson also handles slip and fall injuries, although they are generally very difficult in Texas. These usually tend to fall under a broader category called premises liability. The cases involve an injury that occurred on someone else’s property because of a defective condition such as a sidewalk, pot hole, parking lot, substance on the floor, etc., which could cause an injury.

Dog Bites

I have also handled cases involving other kinds of injuries such as dog bites.

Product Liability

People could get hurt from a defective product, meaning they were injured by using a product in a way they were expected to use it, but ended up being hurt after use.

Brain Injuries

The Law Office of Greg Jackson, PLLC, also handles claims involving brain injuries. Brain injuries can occur in a lot of ways that would also count as a personal injury case.

Wrongful Death

Attorney Greg Jackson, also handles wrongful death cases. The loss of a loved one is a personal injury as well. If anyone has lost a loved one, a board certified personal injury lawyer can help evaluate the case and determine if a wrongful death lawsuit is justified.

Why Our Firm Is Different and Particularly Suited to Handle Personal Injury Cases?

It has now been over 20 years since I have been handling, almost exclusively, personal injury cases on my docket.  I have been handling personal injury cases since I became a lawyer in 1995 and my firm has exclusively handled these types of cases since we opened in 2004.

The Law Office of Greg Jackson, PLLC, firm is unique because I have not only worked on the side of the injured party but I have also spent about 10 years on the defense side, representing people insured by State Farm. I also represented a trash company in Fort Worth that was involved numerous car accidents.

Since I have been on both sides of the docket, I know how the other side thinks, which helps us maximize results for our clients. The other thing is that I have tried cases. I am Board Certified in personal injury law and I have tried over 20 cases to a jury as the lead attorney.

I think it is helpful when an attorney has experience going to court. This type of experience helps maximize the value of the case.

Finally, The Law Office of Greg Jackson, PLLC, is a small office.  This enables me to provide personalized attention. I am selective in the cases I take. I do not take every case that walks in the door. I take cases that I think involve good people who have truly had something bad happen to them. I give each and every client very personalized attention.

Why I Chose the Field of Personal Injury?

My mother said I was good at arguing!  I always wanted to be a trial lawyer, although I really did not know what it involved. I took a variety of classes in law school.  One of the classes I took was a personal injury law course, taught by a personal injury lawyer from Waco (I went to Baylor).  He would come in and tell stories about his cases and how he had helped people through their injuries.  This made me very interested in personal injury law as a career choice.

I like these cases because the facts are always very different – people are injured in a variety of different ways. At the same time working in the field of personal injury allows me to do something else that I want to do –  help people. Sometimes it feels like I am representing David vs. Goliath. It brings a lot of satisfaction to represent the little guy.

I often represent individuals who really would have no chance against a big insurance or other company.  It can be very difficult for a person to obtain the compensation they deserve without having a personal injury lawyer on their side.

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